Patches Available On-Line for Railroad Tycoon

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Upgrade Railroad Tycoon Deluxe to Version 2
Fix the bug in the classic version that creates slum squares all over your map.
Upgrade to version 3 of the classic version.


These patches are referenced solely as a convenience for players more intense and ambitious than ourselves. We have not tested any of these patches. We think that program bugs, like real bugs, are part of life. Besides, we'd rather play the game than tinker with the programs.

An excellent central source for game patches is

Cracking Railroad Tycoon

I don't recall where we found this patch, but it supposedly eliminates the locomotive identification challenge at the game's beginning. If you try this you might send mail and let us know if it works. We've long since memorized the names, so we haven't tried the patch.

In GAME.EXE Search for (hex bytes): F6 39 46 FC 74 03
Replace with: F6 89 46 FC EB 03
The byte sequence is expected to be found at offset (hex): 26633
Give any answer at the doc check.

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