Frequently Asked Rails Questions

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We DO get (and we rather enjoy answering) questions about Rails! Here's a selection of the questions we get most often:

Questions are ordered--roughly--by how often they're asked.)

 How do I lay track in RRT?

This held me up for HOURS (being too stubborn to read the manual) before Eric gave me the key:

  1. Be in the closest view mode (F4).
  2. Make sure NUMLOCK is ON.
  3. Use the numeric keypad arrows to direct track.

How do I double-track?

 This one is easy: place the marker over the track and press <SHIFT-D>. Remember that you must double all of the track between any two stations or it doesn't count.

Where can I find Railroad Tycoon?

This one is REALLY tough. See our page on finding RRT.

Will Railroad Tycoon run under Windows 95?

Sure! But sometimes it's a bit tricky. I have two machines at home running Win95, one of which runs flawlessly, and one of which balks when the game starts. With this second machine I have to toggle the screen mode three times (using <ALT-ENTER> ;), and then the program runs perfectly. Perhaps someone will contribute the needed DOS mode settings for running under Win 95. I'm always too anxious to get a game started to stop and be scientific!

What do you consider a good score?

Well, now we're getting just a little personal. First the disclaimers: Mike always plays Eastern U.S. at the Tycoon level. His current Hall of Fame is populated at the top by numbers just over $10,000,000, which gets gains him the exalted rank of President of the U.S. Eric usually plays the European theater, where he claims he makes MUCH more money, but he isn't sharing any numbers.

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